Learn De Campo 123

Learn De Campo online with detailed instructions from Guro Paolo Pagaling with clips of techniques in slow motion demonstrated by Master Jomalin Caballero.

Whether a beginner or an expert practitioner, this De Campo 1-2-3 course offers the student a way to perfect their art and hone their skills as a Filipino martial artist. This Arnis / Kali System is high art in self defense. The versatility of the stick plus the meticulousness of the system- made possible by decades of study by experimentation and live Juego Todo matches by founder- resulted in a lethal art which has been proliferated, practiced, and celebrated around the world.

The course itself is practical, easy to follow, and to the point. In this course, you will learn the entire Elementary Curriculum as designed by the master himself in the comfort of your home.

The Whole Elementary Course are:

The Primary Lessons

Group 1 – Abecedario (18:9 mins)
Group 2 – De Alfavito (9:41 mins)
Group 3 – Horizontal (6:1 mins)
Group 4 – Serada (9:4 mins)
Group 5 – Abierta (8:02 mins)

The Elementary Lessons

Group 6 – De Campo Original (7:53 mins)
Group 7 – Redondo y Redonda Orig (6:14 mins)

Mixing of Primary and Elementary Lessons

Mixing Abecedario (9:29 mins)
Mixing De Alfavito (8:0 mins)
Mixing Horizontal (9:04 mins)
Mixing Serada (8:45 mins)
Mixing Abierta (9:25 mins)

The Elementary Curriculum as written by the Master:

De Campo 1-2-3 Original Curriculum

De Campo 1-2-3 Original Elementary Course

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This is not a professionally done video but the core techniques of De Campo is definitely explained and shown in detail.Truth be told, the only reason why we are offering these instructional videos which, for now, comprise of the whole Elementary course is because of financial problems in the Caballero family.

Only around 2 or 3 foreigners per year would train in Toledo with Master Jomalin, even in the days of his late father, Grandmaster Mawe and obviously not enough to sustain the family. His brother Manuel Jr. has a family of his own and also tries his best to also help out. Both Master Jomalin and Manuel Jr. works in a water refilling station with a really measly salary.

Now, the family does not want any charity and so these instructional videos should be able to help them if many interested people started to purchase.

As a disclaimer, Guro Paolo invested in this project and also gets a share of the proceeds.

Primary and Elementary Lessons

Packaged Lessons

As an option, you can buy the the lessons in packages. Choosing the packages gives you a huge discount and you also get a 1 month personalized feedback from Guro Paolo Pagaling.