Guidelines for Certification

This document will identify the indicators that must be met in order for students of De Campo Original to be elevated into two certification levels, namely practitioner and instructor. Unlike other systems which have numerous and elaborate levels and certification requirements, De Campo Original seeks to break from this trend by implementing a simple, attainable certification process which, despite its simplicity, will still demand rigorous training and dedication in order for candidates to succeed.

Level 1 – Practitioner

  1. Proficiency in De Campo Original Curriculum. The candidate must have completed all levels of the De Campo Curriculum (Elementary, High School, and College) and must be able to perform them in the traditional 7-rep manner, at full speed and power, with applicable body shifting mechanics.
  2. Proficiency in Sparring. The candidate must have sparred in stick or blade-based formats. The candidate must have consistently shown to apply De Campo techniques. An instructor will also ascertain if the candidate is able to apply the following under pressure:
A. Defensive/Passive counter-attack
B. Pre-emptive/Predictive strike
C. Tactical retreat
D. Measured evasion
E. Multiple/Chained strikes on offensive

Level 2 – Instructor

  1. Mastery of the De Campo Curriculum. Aside from the basic curriculum (Elementary, High School, College), the candidate should also have completed the Specialization techniques, and should be able to create or deliver his or her own Specialization progression.
  2. Mastery in Sparring. The candidate must display superior skills in sparring, as evidenced by participation and placement in FMA tournaments, acknowledgement of skill/prowess by practitioners and instructors from other systems, consistent participation in casual sparring gatherings.
  3. Capacity for innovation and instruction of De Campo curriculum (not modification of content).