Raymundo Valdez Lucero

An active practitioner since 2017, Raymundo Valdez Lucero is a bona-fide member of De Campo 1-2-3 Original. He started his De Campo training under Guro Pagaling and then went to train under Master Jomalin Caballero. He has been certified as a Junior Instructor (Magtutudlo) and authorized to teach the following:

  • Fundamentals
  • Primary Lessons
    • Group 1 Abecedario
    • Group 2 De Alfavito
    • Group 3 Horizontal
    • Group 4 Serrada
    • Group 5 Abierta
  • Elementary Lessons
    • Group 6 De Campo Original
    • Group 7 Redondo y Redonda De Campo Original
  • Mixing Primary + Elementary
  • High School Lessons
    • Group 8 Dos Manos Dos Largos
    • Group 9 De Cadena De Cuerdas
    • Group 10 Hagad Hubad Original
  • Mixing Elementary + High School
  • College Combinations

He is authorized to promote students up to Level 6 Maantigo which covers the above curriculum.

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