Raymundo Valdez Lucero Jr.

Raymundo Valdez Lucero became interested in De Campo 1-2-3 Original after he read the obituary of the late Grandmaster Mawe Caballero in May 2017. He contacted Maestro Paolo Pagaling, who taught him the Praktikali Targeting System and subsequently, selected De Campo techniques. Later on, he and Maestro Pagaling traveled to Toledo, Cebu, where they trained under Master Jomalin Caballero. He is also a member of the Eskrima Spar Club, a no-holds barred, minimal armor, live stick group that holds quarterly gatherings.

An active practitioner since 2017, Raymundo Valdez Lucero is a bona-fide member of De Campo 1-2-3 Original. He certified as a Junior Instructor (Magtutudlo) and authorized to teach the following:

  • Fundamentals
  • Primary Lessons
    • Group 1 Abecedario
    • Group 2 De Alfavito
    • Group 3 Horizontal
    • Group 4 Serrada
    • Group 5 Abierta
  • Elementary Lessons
    • Group 6 De Campo Original
    • Group 7 Redondo y Redonda De Campo Original
  • Mixing Primary + Elementary
  • High School Lessons
    • Group 8 Dos Manos Dos Largos
    • Group 9 De Cadena De Cuerdas
    • Group 10 Hagad Hubad Original
  • Mixing Elementary + High School
  • College Combinations

He is also authorized to promote students up to Level 7 Hanas which covers the above curriculum.

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